Why I'm Deciding To Write Again...

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I’ve never been much of a reader… I’m one of those people who typically gets half way through an article before my mind starts to wander. Next thing I know I’ve forgotten the last 2 paragraphs I just read. But as of late that has started to change. I’m beginning to find enjoyment in absorbing myself in a story, which allows me to take a break from the constant barrage of information that is thrown at us on a daily basis. Stories put us in a specific moment and allow us to reminisce on past experiences. Stories allow us to forget the moment we’re in and transform us to another place. With that said I’ve decided that I want to be a person who can provide this same transformation to my readers.

One of my favorite go-to blogs is DJ Booth. Since I was in 7th grade I’ve always found myself going back to their site to read up on an article that grabs my attention. What I love most about their platform is how relatable they are with their writing. The topics they cover may focus on hip hop but the messages intertwined in their posts go much deeper than that. When you read a DJ Booth article you don’t just think about the article itself but often find yourself thinking about how it relates to your life and how you can make use of the deeper messages within. This is the type of writing I aspire to model my posts after. It is my hope that if you’re reading these posts, you’ll not only get a good story but will get life lessons that can be taken from the computer screen to the real world. My name is Ryan and I run Livingroom Dancefloor, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the articles. I hope you get something out of them :)

Be easy.