How Digging For Music On The Internet Changed My Life...

I remember it clearly… I was sitting on the floor in my childhood bedroom scrolling through songs on, when I came across a song that would ultimately change the course of my life. The song was “Hollywood” and the artist was Phil Adé (later he would become just Adé). I pressed play and instantly realized the value in taking time to find music that lived beyond the scope of radio. The horns in the beginning were triumphant and then Phil started rapping… The flow was so natural and the message was too relatable. WHERE HAD THIS MAN BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?!

Whether I knew it or not, this track marked the point in my life where I became hooked on finding the best “underground” music on the web. Blogs, Limewire, and youtube to mp3 all became staples and at school I gained a rep for being the go-to for music. This is a rep that would follow me through high school, college, and even to this day in my pursuits with Livingroom Dancefloor. To me there was something special about these tracks… Whenever I found a new one, I felt like it was for me and for me only. I knew that other people had heard the music, but it never felt that way. Radio took a back seat and I began filling my ipod/iphone with these undervalued tracks.

Aside from the music, the artists were special as well. Take Adé for example… After hearing “Hollywood” I followed his journey as an artist and as I got older I began to draw parallels between his musical ventures and mine. I saw all the mixtape releases, the hype behind them, and eventually the silence that filled the air when he went a few years without releasing any projects. This taught me that no matter how much talent you possess there are levels to the music business that require not only talent but a level of patience few people ever master.

Now that I am 26 and have been working on Livingroom Dancefloor for 3+ years I look to Adé as an inspiration of how much effort and time it really takes to make it in this industry. When Adé came back to the scene earlier this year with his project “Always Something” I was PUMPED! After a few years of near silence he was back and sounding better than ever. Again… Patience is something that cannot be overlooked.

So if you’re like me and share a similar passion make sure to look beyond the content you create and focus just as much on the long term process. If Adé has taught me anything it’s that nothing happens overnight.

Be easy.