Playlist: Top 5 Top 5 Top 5

I’ve come to realize that playlisting is just as much about careful curation as it is about consistency. With the “Top 5 Top 5 Top 5” playlist’s I’m leaning towards the latter. These “weekly” Soundcloud playlists will feature 5 tracks I’ve had in consistent rotation for the previous week and here’s what I’ve got for the first installment…

[Track 1] Croosh - We Like : Early last week I was scrolling through Soundcloud looking for new music (as I usually am). At the time I wasn’t looking for any hip-hop so when I came across Croosh’s new album “Crazy Virgo” I was reluctant to press play seeing as I mainly know Croosh for his bars. Not that I didn't think it would be a dope project, I just wasn’t in the mood. I pressed play anyways… and realized that Croosh delivered something I wasn’t expecting… The album, which deserves a post of it’s own, features all styles of music from rock, to house, and of course a little hip-hop thrown in. “We Like”, a late offering on the project, is a first listen attention grabber. The track has an addicting groove provided by a wavy beat mixed with the perfect amount of vocals, which have Croosh sounding cool as ever. He switches back and forth from smooth singing to a flow that bounces effortlessly around the beat. With this track (and project) Croosh reminds us about the importance of diversifying your sound to keep listeners engaged. Mission accomplished.

[Track 2] Gabriel Garzón-Montano - Golden Wings : This is what crate digging is all about…. Something different that you haven’t heard before. “Golden Wings” is a blended concoction of jazz, hip-hop, and soul that would make Anderson .Paak proud. I was honestly waiting for him to hop on this with a guest verse. Maybe next time... With this offering Gabriel Garzón-Montano delivers a track that hooks you from the jump. Play this with the windows rolled all the way down as you cruise around feelin’ like the legend that you are.

[Track 3] WHYTRI - GoGo Gadget : Right here is my favorite version of WHYTRI. My man has a personality bigger than the surface of the sun and it’s tracks like “GoGo Gadget” that make it shine in full effect. Seriously, break out the SPF 50… In less than 2 minutes WHYTRI makes you feel an energy that’ll get you out of your seat before the second hook starts. My favorite part comes at the 50s mark when Tri uses his voice as a riser to put an exclamation point at the end of the first verse. It’s at this point you get out of your seat and shmoney dance for eternity…. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Peep the visuals below for the full effect.

[Track 4] Noah Slee - Soulflower : Can we talk about the falsettos in this track though? SHEESH! I’ve never heard Noah Slee before, but damn this man can sing. The hook takes me back to the days when I listened to Raheem DeVaughn (brb ‘bout to go play “Woman” real quick). Anyways… Some people were just meant for soul music and Noah Slee is exhibit A. What I love about this track most is that it has insane playability. The 808’s are heavy enough to get in rotation at the Friday function, but Noah’s vocals counter with a lightness of Sunday morning coffee. Best of both worlds if you ask me.

Ra Ra Riot - War & Famine (Behave Ferris Remix) : We all know Ra Ra Riot, but Behave Ferris may be someone new popping up on your radar. I first heard the Chicago producer yesterday when I discovered this beautiful remix. If you’re remixing Ra Ra Riot, you already know that the vocals are going to be on point so for me this one was all about the drop. Fast forward to the 1:16 mark and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. A minimalistic drop that can only be played at full volume and at full speed. I don’t care what you’re driving, when this one hits your whip transforms into night rider weaving through traffic without a worry in the world. With so many producers putting out electronic music, I sometimes lose the feeling I once had for the genre… But with tracks like this Behave Ferris reminds me that the feeling is still there.

Be easy.