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Flying onto our radar in early 2017 was BVRGER whose name stems from the fast food nature at which we consume music now-a-days. You'd be hard pressed to find another artist who's bringing the sounds to the table that BVRGER is. With his signature pitched-down vocals layered over catchy drums and samples you're left with a concoction of sound like nothing you've ever heard before.

The first taste of BVRGER we had was in hearing his track "Cyberlove," which is one of our favorite tracks of summer '17. Since hearing that track, BVRGER has become a Livingroom Dancefloor favorite and his tracks now fill our pages on a regular basis. Consistency is key to a good BVRGER, and he never leaves us disappointed.

Appearing on Side A of the project is his track, "The Cool Kids," which describes a struggle of unrequited love that so many people can relate to. However, the four-to-floor production of this track makes it a must on any dancefloor... Especially The Livingroom Dancefloor. Follow BVRGER below to get a second taste.