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marc vinyls

An MC since age 13, Connecticut based rapper Marc Vinyls is stepping on to The Livingroom Dancefloor. The man of many faces ( shoutout William Slasher & Oz Mooney) has a vision that will take him places far beyond the East Coast. His work ethic has led him to release 40 tracks on his Soundcloud, and this doesn't even include the numerous features he has on other channels as well... 

We were lucky enough to speak with Marc a few months back on Episode 15 of LRDF Radio and we touched on a number of interesting topics. MV is truly a student of the game, and wants to do more than just rap when it comes to music. This jack-of-all-trades approach is what led him to found Spread Records along with fellow friend of the program Gallo, who can also be found on The Livingroom Dancefloor Vinyl Project. 

For his contribution to the record, Marc has given us his song, "Fiesta," which is an anthem for the lifestyle that he'll be living once he gets to the top of the game. Do yourself a favor and support Marc below to keep up with his latest releases.