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Making his debut on Livingroom Dancefloor is California based artist, Mayzin. This MC is all about the work, and getting to it by any means necessary. When we first came into contact with him he was actually overseas working on his album, but still found time to get us a track for our project!

We first came across Mayzin's music in a mix that was done for us by Austin Marc on Episode 24 of LRDF Radio. The two had worked together on a track called, "wht i've done," and when we heard it we knew we had to have him on The LRDF Vinyl Project.

Last year, Mayzin released an album called, "Something I Wanted," which has racked up thousands of plays on SoundCloud, including over 200K alone from his hit song, "Wassup". 

For The Livingroom Dancefloor Vinyl Project, Mayzin has provided us with an exclusive track called, "I Don't Know." This song is an anthem for anyone who is dealing with the uncertainties that come with dream chasing. And while we may not know what waits for us at the end of the road, Mayzin encourages us to keep on going. And that we will.

Catch Mayzin on Side A of The Livingroom Dancefloor Project.