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Hailing from Berlin, Germany is Mogul, whose up tempo feel good style is sure to get you out of your seat and dancing. Mogul is one of two artists on The Livingroom Dancefloor Vinyl project who is part of the SOULUVMUSIQ label (one of our favorite labels in the game today).

We discovered Mogul in the summer of 2016 during a late night SoundCloud session to try and find some new music. We came across his remix of "I found You" by GIBBZ and couldn't stop dancing for the rest of the night. Don't believe us? Just head over to his SoundCloud and try not to dance... 10 bucks says you can't. 

Mogul has released numerous tracks reaching over 100K plays on SoundCloud and his remix of "Stronger Than Me" with Mokoa just surpassed the 1 million play mark! For The Livingroom Dancefloor Vinyl Project, Mogul has selected his track "Artistic," an upbeat house track that is perfect for those late summer nights! Follow Mogul below to stay up to date on all his latest releases!